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DRG 75038 1/6 kIt SAS 1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck Desert Raider
  • DRG 75038 1/6 kIt SAS 1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck Desert Raider

DRG 75038 1/6 kIt SAS 1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck Desert Raider

Sku: DRG75038

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Descrição do Produto

Kit para montar 1/6 SAS 1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck Desert Raider


- Delicate SAS 4x4 Desert Raider produced 
- Detailed control panel is finely represented 
- Vickers K machine guns w/great details 
- Cooling system on front raider is accurately replicated 
- Realistic spare wheel included 
- Detachable jerry cans
Modelers and collectors were delighted when Dragon released a large-scale 1/6 model of the famous 1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck (Item No. 75020). The kit bedazzled all with its intricate detail and pleasurable assembly, providing modelers with the ideal vehicle to accompany their 1/6 scale figures. Now Dragon is proud to announce a follow-up kit, this time featuring the iconic American 4x4 as a British Desert Raider vehicle. The Special Air Service (SAS) and Long-Range Desert Group (LRDG) widely used this kind of vehicle in North Africa. The SAS, formed in July 1941 by David Stirling, was a commando force designed to operate deep behind enemy lines, something it did very successfully.
The 1/6 model kit shows a vehicle heavily modified for desert operations by the SAS. It is heavily loaded with jerry cans containing spare fuel and water to allow reconnaissance missions deep behind the frontlines. For operations in the hot climate, the grill has been removed and a water condenser fitted. The SAS vehicle is also heavily armed with fast-firing Vickers K machine guns. Both a single Vickers K weapon and a twin-mount machine-gun are fitted ready for use against ground or aerial targets. This exciting kit is accurate in every detail, and it’s ready to range widely across the sandy desert terrain of North Africa!
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